Crop Circles

Bizarre Facts About Crop Circles

Hola guys, I just realised the fact that my readers love spooky and supernatural stuff which is why my Halloween special article real-life ghost story is on the list of the most-read blogs on my website. After all, who hates…

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Budget Balcony Makeover

Tips For Budget Balcony Makeover In Dubai

I am penning down this Budget Balcony Makeover blog only because of my Instagram family. They were poking me since the day I posted a picture of my apartment balcony on Instagram; asking me to come up with some tips…

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Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

Best Women-Centric Films In Bollywood

I hail from a country where women were portrayed as an object of desire in the mainstream film industry. Yes, I am talking about Bollywood. A lot has been changed after the strong feminine voices pointed out the misogyny and…

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Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Benefits Of Chia Seeds From India Gate

Before going into the Benefits Of Chia Seeds, what actually is this thing?  Chia is a tiny black seed from the plant Salvia hispanica. It might look like an ordinary seed, but don’t let the appearances deceive you. Packed with high nutrients,…

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Celebrate Onam

How To Celebrate Onam In Dubai?

A couple of years back, when I was a new expat in this country, I just googled the above caption “How To Celebrate Onam In Dubai?”. I know there are people like me, who are doing the same, and that…

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Meditation As A Lifestyle

Chakra Meditation As A Lifestyle- How And Why?

I have been following and admiring videos of the Chinese Youtuber Liziqi lately. The admiration part comes with slight jealousy since she has a dreamy life. Ok wait, Liziqi does not have Lamborghini, Sephora cosmetics and Gucci bags; she is…

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