Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe
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Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe- Diwali Special

  • November 12, 2020

Diwali is incomplete without Gulab Jamun. It is a small berry sized balls dipped in the sugar syrup. The Gulab Jamun with oozing sweet liquid when gulped gives euphoria. This sweet-savoury delicacy is not only a special dish during Diwali but also for all other festivities in India. With festivals around the corner, I just wanted to share this Easy

Pidi and Kozhi Curry
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Easy Kerala Style Pidi and Kozhi Curry Recipe

  • October 21, 2020

Popular in the Kottayam side of Kerala, this pidiyum kozhiyum is a traditional Knanaya dish offered to daughter in law by mother in law during the baby shower. This dish has gained wide popularity in recent times all because of the Instagram foodies. Here is the yummiest and easiest Pidi and Kozhi Curry recipe. Ingredients for Pidi and Kozhi Curry

Easy Milkshake Recipes
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Easy Milkshake Recipes From Dubai Home Chefs

  • May 17, 2020

There is nothing better than a sweet and luscious milkshake on a crazy sunny day. What I love about this American invention is that they are effortless to make. Here, I have collaborated with the Malayali home chefs in Dubai to give you the best and Easy Milkshake Recipes. Keep scrolling and make the one that hooked your eyes. #1

Easy Popsicle Recipes
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6 Easy Popsicle Recipes From Famous Dubai Home Chefs

  • April 30, 2020

Hellowww Summer! It is the time to take back those lolly moulds to make some delicious and brain freezing popsicles. There is nothing like enjoying a flavoured ice pop on a dreaded hot day. Here I have rounded up some Easy Popsicle Recipes from Dubai’s famous Home Chefs to keep your sweet tooth at bay and cool down your head

Kerala Fish Fry Recipe
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Kerala Fish Fry Recipe- Palakkad Style

  • October 9, 2019

For people in Kerala, fish fries are one such cuisine that we could relish with breakfast, lunch or dinner. A piece of fish fry could turn any boring meal into an extravagant platter. Kerala’s coasts and its water bodies provide fish in abundance, making it a significant part of Kerala’s food culture. In Palakkad, one of its northern districts, where