Best Cafes In Dubai

35 Best and Unique Cafes In Dubai

Relaxing and unwinding in cafes are my most preferred escape from the hassles of the so-called voguish metropolis, Dubai. A cup of coffee, a book/group of pals and a cosy ambience, are what I need after a hectic week of…

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New Seven Wonders Of The World 2022

The world is full of wonders; even the world itself is a wonder! Since the dawn of the human civilisation, a lot of natural wonders are awe-inspiring people on this planet. When God moulded marvellous wonder like Earth, he has…

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Weird Things Sold On eBay

10 Weird Things Sold On eBay

The eCommerce giant eBay is a huge relief when it comes to getting rid of unwanted things. All thanks to the founder! But recently I have stumbled upon a couple of videos which showed people buying and reviewing really Weird…

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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In India 2020

Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In India 2022

India is and has always been tagged as a patriarchal society dictated by the males. To thrive as a woman is hard in a male dominant society like India, which still upholds the traditions like a trophy. To soar high…

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Alien Invasion- tips to survive

6 Tips To Survive Alien Invasion

According to my grandfather, who lived on this planet for more than 75 years, this year 2020 is the craziest. Right from the Australian bush fire, to the volcanic eruption, deadly pandemic and the crashing economy (the list is endless),…

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Countries To Visit After Lockdown

10 Countries To Visit After Lockdown

It is when something or someone stops you from doing something, you will have more tendency to do it. Oops, did I confuse you with repetitive words? I actually meant the irresistible tendency to go out during lockdown. Anyway, my…

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