Nouq Camel milk ice cream

A Camel Milk Ice Cream… A Whattt?

Stephan: “Would you like to try Camel Milk Ice cream from Nouq?” Me: (on my mind)What??? “Ok, I will come.” The story began like this…My eyes went wide open hearing camel milk! Going out of the culinary comfort zone was…

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Cake Walk LLC: A Confectionary Haul

I was invited for collaboration in the Cake Walk LLC, Karama last week. One of the wonderful thing I noticed about this bakery is the glass windows. You can savor your favorite pastry by enjoying the roadside view of Karama….

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Reasons to visit Kashmir

Reasons To Visit Kashmir (In Pictures)

Amidst the fiery fight between India and Pakistan, Kashmir inhabitants are the ones who suffer the most. Whenever I hear the news from Kashmir, my heart mourns for the ordinary people residing there, who live with extreme insecurities all day…

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Choco Monarch

A Luscious Treat From Choco Monarch

Look at that delicious Belgium chocolate oozing through the crepes and the choco lava. That one spoon on my mouth created a euphoric emotion. Basically, I am not a sweet tooth person, but how can you say no to A…

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Top 5 weekend trips from Lund

Top 7 Weekend Trips From Lund, Sweden

Weekends are hard in Lund!!! Especially if you have finished exploring the nook and corners of this charming town. Even though the city of Lund is dynamic and exciting, you will be missing out, if you don’t explore the other…

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Homeless people in Thailand

Abandoned Souls Of Thailand

Often we travel to the most glamorous cities in the world… Lucky us!! The bloggers and travelers portray the most stunning corners of the planet… great insights!! But when the bright side engulfs and overwhelms the dark… vulnerable go unexposed….

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